We are a small mom-and-pop business that has been there for you since 1992, and we want to remain this way. Our desire is not to become a big company. Our goal is to be able to treat each customer individually and comprehensively so that, thanks to our human approach and quality work, they will return to us with more orders in the future. This is why we want to remain a small mom-and-pop business, but with the same approach and quality of work as is usual in the largest companies. In order to be able to control the prices and quality of the work ourselves, we gradually equipped ourselves with our own machines for the production of various types of advertisements, and later also with machines for carpentry. That's why today we are able to meet our customers' requirements with quality, flexibility and reliability without being dependent on suppliers.

  • exhibitions

  • advertisements

  • printing of advertisements

  • carpentry

  • e-shop (Whirlpool kitchen appliances + Blanco kitchen sinks)

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