Information about our advertisement production

In addition to exhibitions, our company also focused on advertising from the very beginning, because we wanted to satisfy our customers in every way. But only time and experience have made us understand that the best quality work will be done when we carry out the orders ourselves. That's why in 2015 we bought our own machines to produce different types of advertisements.

Today, we produce your advertisements ourselves, in-house and on our own machines, or we can arrange cooperation with verified partners whose services meet our strict quality requirements.

Our advertising services:
  • light advertising

  • 3D advertising

  • advertising boards

  • advertising banners

  • window stickers

  • car stickers

  • printing on canvas (pictures)

  • wallpaper for walls and furniture

  • production and installation of advertising surfaces

  • information showcases and boards

  • promotional items

  • production of promotional materials

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