We can design, produce or provide various kinds of exhibition stands with comprehensive services at various exhibitions or other events in Slovakia and all of Europe. The portfolio of our services includes the production and construction of tailor-made exhibition stands and the sale or rental of modular exhibition stands, including their storage in our own storage spaces until your next exhibition. Regardless of whether you choose a modular exhibition display or a tailor-made exhibition stand, our experience and fully reliable team will do everything we can for your company to present itself in the best possible light at any exhibition – in order to achieve more success and profit from your investment in the exhibition stand.

Exhibition stands made to measure

For our more demanding customers, we design and produce exhibition stands that fulfil even the most ambitious criteria. Our solutions for this type of stand include a comprehensive service package comprised of design, production, assembly and disassembly, logistics and stand storage. We can produce basically anything. Thanks to our years of experience and focused approach, we can create a stand that will certainly make a positive first impression and will serve as the basis for the successful presentation of your company at any exhibition.

Modular exhibition sets

The basis of the modular stands consists of an aluminium construction. They can be built, dismantled and reused rather easily. Their preparation is less costly, which is why they are among the most popular exhibition stands. They are an ideal solution for smaller companies which might not have as large a budget as larger companies. The Octanorm and Maxima systems are light, flexible and very easy to store. The exchangeable panels allow for a hassle-free adjustment of the systems for all stand types, suited for any exhibition or fair. Thanks to that, your company's presentation can be adjusted according to your current needs and without significant additional costs. Another major advantage is the possibility to alter the configuration of the stand, which is especially desirable if the spatial requirements frequently change.

We will prepare your stand to perfectly fit your needs. Let us handle everything about your exhibition (such as planning, procurement of service and the execution itself) and focus on the things that are essential for the success of your exhibition. We also offer the option of buying your own stand, which we can store in our storage space and prepare for your next exhibition any time you need it.

Conferences, seminars, company events and roadshows

Based on our wide range of experience and professional knowledge of stand production for shows and exhibitions, we can plan, design, manage and secure the production of both larger and smaller stands. Furthermore, we can organise your own event to present your company, or help you with presenting it at conferences or company events in hotels, conference centres, at sport stadiums or even on your company premises. The sophisticated construction of the stands and other presentation equipment targeted at these kinds of events has several advantages, including high flexibility, variability and, most of all, low costs for production, lease or the execution itself.

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