Want to save money and think you can do it yourself?

Contact us to order particleboard cut to size, sliding doors, drawers, worktops, and other furniture accessories for the assembly of built-in wardrobes and other furniture. We will prepare everything for you, and you can assemble the furniture yourself.

Cutting and further processing of particleboard:

CUTTING - we will cut your LTDT boards and worktops to size according to your specifications. You can choose the colour of the decors from the Egger or Kronospan samples available on our website.

EDGE TAPING - we will tape the edges of the cut parts with ABS tape according to your choice. You can choose the colour of the tapes from the Egger or Kronospan samples available on our website.

DRILLING HOLES - we drill holes for all furniture fittings, supports, hinges, edge or surface joints, and we will also mill half-slots according to your specifications. Drilling and milling is done using our new CREATOR CNC milling machine that guarantees maximum precision of the processed parts.

ACCESSORIES - in addition to the final processing of the parts, we can provide advice, secure and prepare furniture accessories (sliding fittings, mouldings for built-in wardrobes, bristles, locks, hinges, handles, fasteners…) for your final project, so that all you are left with is the assembly of the furniture without any further worries.

SHIPPING - we will ship and deliver the goods to the address you specify in your order.

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