Information related to the production of advertising products

We started with advertising at our company from the very beginning alongside expos, as we wanted to satisfy our customers in every way. But only time and experience have taught us that the highest quality work is achieved when we do the entire job ourselves. That is why in 2015 we bought our own machines for the production of various types of advertising products.

We offer printing on various materials, from foils to banners, in any format. We print using digital printing technology, which holds the following advantages:

Sufficient printing speed for the desired print output.

easy preparation of the print template, printing can be done immediately from the print file.

affordable price for printing due to low printing costs. Printing starts from one copy.

after surface treatment of the print output, the quality and colouring remain constant.

We can print:

  • stickers

  • labels

  • banners

  • foils and banners for expo displays

  • fabrics

  • window film

  • magnetic foils

  • photographs

  • paintings

  • wallpaper

  • billboards

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